SMETS Certificate swap

SMETS Certificate swap

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For customers who already have a SMETS1 Glow Display CAD and need to have SMETS2 certificates installed on the unit - we can replace the Zigbee certificates on the unit. This happens when:

  • Your energy supplier replaces your SMETS1 meters with SMETS2 meters
  • You move to a new property that has SMETS2 meters and you have a SMETS1 CAD *

The fee covers the cost of the certificate, postage to return the unit and our time to physically open up the device and install the new SMETS2 certificate.

Please give us your Bright account in the Notes field when you place your order, thank you.

* When you are planning a move and have a Glow Display CAD:

  1. Contact Hildebrand and ask to have your CAD disassociated from your meters. We need to remove the association to your old meters before the device can be re-used. After we have confirmed we've finished, go to step 2
  2. You need to revoke our permission to access those meters from within Bright / Settings / Consent & meter management
  3. You set up the new property by going to Settings / Consent & meter management and tap on the '+' on the right and follow the steps
  4. Contact Hildebrand and ask to have your CAD associated to your new meters