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 "Best smart home purchase I have made - it's the only bit of kit I have bought that has just worked from the start" JA

The combined Glow in home display (IHD) and consumer access device (CAD)  for people who want a real-time view of their energy consumption with access to their data via our Bright app, APIs and MQTT. Wifi enabled and very easy to set up.

The display integrates our CAD so you can use our Bright app (download details below) to monitor your energy consumption anytime, anywhere.

Buyers must have an active Bright or Glow account when they order to meet our regulator's requirements to confirm we have permission to join the device to your meters. See Additional Information for details.


  • Real time electricity and gas monitoring through our Bright app or via APIs
  • Easy to install
  • Clear 3.5 inch colour TFT with touchscreen
  • Supports Home Assistant integration over MQTT (Local and Internet)* 
  • UK SMETS compliant 

The Glow  IHD/CAD is Zigbee SEP 1.2 certified, works with SMETS meters and uses the latest SSL technology for secure Internet communications. Requires broadband connection.

Viewing your data beyond the display: use our Bright App to view your consumption. If you like to work with data, you have three options:

  1. API access is available automatically using your Bright App credentials (further information available). User setup, security, data and device management functions are in-built so that you can focus on the application.
  2. Local MQTT access is available automatically
  3. Cloud based MQTT MQTT access is available on request

Bright app

Download from Google Play Android

Download from Apple App Store iOs


Check our web site for Display / CAD questions.

When you order:

Please either use your Bright email account for the order, or add the Bright account to the Notes field so we have your meter details when we pre-associate the unit.

Additional information :

  • Our obligations as a DCC Other User mean that customers whose meters are enrolled in the DCC will have to verify their identity before we can retrieve their data; this is all managed through our Bright App.  We are able to join your Display and CAD to your SMETS meters without your supplier's involvement because we are a SECAS (Smart Energy Code Administrator) approved DCC Other User. Be assured that your verification data is stored in a separate, secure system. Hildebrand are ISO 27001 Certified and audited annually by SECAS for Security and Privacy.
  • Electricity meters update every ten seconds, gas meters typically every 30 minutes; this is the data refresh rate available to customers with one of our CAD devices (with working meters and communications hub).
  • The batteries slots are provided for short-term use only, they are not intended for daily use. Daily use requires mains power supply. If you use batteries occasionally, the device does not trickle charge the batteries.
  • If your supplier has to replace your communications hub please contact us beforehand by sending an email to support@glowmarkt.com. Not all suppliers are following the correct procedure and there is a risk the unit won't work afterwards; by telling us in advance we will ensure this risk is removed.
  • Customers with the original version of the Octopus' Agile tariff can see the tariff on the display (needs to be requested). The forthcoming prices are published on the display and the Bright App and API data applies the Agile tariff to the cost of consumption.
  • Please note that we cannot support re-sale of our products - the unit is uniquely associated to your meters. If you are moving, read our guide.

Additional information specific to SMETS1 variant:

  • The SMETS1 variant with some meters does not publish full data history for previous days, weeks and months as this wasn't mandated for SMETS1 meters. Because the unit works for both SMETS1 and SMETS2 meters some screens for SMETS1 customers will make it appear as though data should be there but it won't because it technically does not appear on the meter. The Bright app publishes the full data history.
  • SMETS1 variant is only available to customers whose meters have been migrated to the DCC infrastructure (they have been migrated if they were 'dumb' but now being treated as smart by your supplier).
  • For people who have a Trilliant Comms Hub we cannot currently join the unit to their meters - please contact us if you'd like to be told when this has been fixed by the DCC and Trilliant.
  • If you have meters that are enrolled into the DCC and don't want real-time information, we are also able to provide access to your consumption history, updated on a daily basis (half-hourly readings) with our Bright app.
* Local MQTT guidance available here