Glow products are designed to put you in control of your environment. 

Glow is wholly owned by Hildebrand, a UK company who've been developing  unique hardware and applications since 2004. We developed our own product range due to  the lack  of cost effective and customer-centric sensor and data collection devices on the market. Hildebrand don't just capture data; they store it, analyse it and apply behavioural science to provide people with tools to reduce their energy costs while ensuring their environment is  comfortable. 

Glow is a unified brand with a common architecture and semantics for hardware, analytics and application developers.

If you are interested in developing hardware and software solutions that are compatible with our infrastructure and customers, please contact us at  info@hildebrand.co.uk. Our goal with Glow is to provide an eco-system which encourages multiple specialist areas to  collaborate and develop a range of solutions which benefit customers.