Glow Temp and Humidity sensor top view

Temperature and Humidity sensor

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Our temperature and humidity sensors are units designed for those who want to monitor the temperature and humidity levels within a home. They are not designed for outdoor use and are not water resistant.

These can be used to calculate how well your home retains heat (also known as the Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTC) value of your home) by measuring the energy required to heat your home using the Smart HTC algorithm. In effect, it measures the 'building fabric score'. This value can be used to indicate the energy efficiency of your home and current suitability for a heat pump.

Sensors are compatible with our In-Home Display CADs and MQTT. For now, our Temperature and Humidity sensors can only be purchased by customers who already have one of our CADs. The ability to use the sensor without an IHD our Bright App is coming soon. Please contact us if you'd like to be notified when this is available.

For the most effective measurement of your home as a whole, we recommend you place the sensor where your thermostat or heat controller is located.

More information and set up instructions can be found here

Dimensions : 85mm x 85mm x 25mm

Weight : 110g

Batteries : 3 x AAA (Not Included)

Mounting : Backplate can either be removed then screwed directly into the wall then place sensor back onto the plate. Alternatively there are two screw holes 44mm apart on the rear to be placed onto precasting screws in the wall.