Glow Zigbee CAD for Smart meters

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The ethernet enabled Zigbee CAD (consumer access device) to capture electricity (and gas if you have smart gas) readings from your smart meter. 

Glow CAD is compatible with any SMETS1 meters that have been migrated to the DCC.


  • Real time electricity and gas monitoring
  • Web dashboard
  • Native apps (iOS and Android)
  • Applications and SDK available
  • Energy monitoring while outside the home
  • UK SMETS compliant

The Glow Hub is Zigbee 1.1b and 1.2b certified, working with SMETS1 meters* using the latest SSL technology for secure Internet communications.

Choose from the many Glowmarkt mobile applications or use our SDK to develop your own customised user experience. User setup, security, data and device management functions are in-built in so that you can focus on the application.

The USB connecter is used for power only, with a robust ethernet wired connection for optimal positioning within premises. The device works with standard broadband routers to obtain an IP address and gateway information from DHCP.

Includes micro-USB cable, adaptor & ethernet cable.

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* SMETS1 meters that qualify are either migrated to the DCC Infrastructure or those that are manufactured by Secure Meters