CAD for SMETS1 Smart Meters

CAD for SMETS1 Smart Meters

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A low cost, Wifi enabled consumer access device (CAD) to bridge smart metering with value added services designed to benefit you, the energy consumer. Only suitable for SMETS1 meters that have been enrolled in the DCC and not manufactured by Secure.


  • Real time electricity and gas monitoring through our Bright app, API and MQTT (on request)
  • Easy to install - 'plug and play'
  • Energy monitoring while outside the home
  • No wires, no cables
  • UK SMETS1 compliant

    Please note that this device is for SMETS1 meters have been enrolled/migrated to the DCC; if your meters were 'dumb' and have become 'smart' again, they have been enrolled. You can test this by downloading Bright (see below) and going through the verification process - if you pass, your meters have been enrolled. If your meters have not been enrolled, we can't support you.

    Our new SMETS1 CAD without display is due to be launched in early 2023 (with a different form factor to the GlowStick); if you would like to go onto the SMETS1 CAD waiting list, please let us know.

    Important: If your SMETS1 meters are replaced by your supplier with SMETS2 meters, the unit will no longer function because there are SMETS1 certificates on it which can only connect to SMETS1 meters. 

    The Glow Stick is Zigbee 1.1b certified using the latest SSL technology for secure Internet communications.

    Use our Bright App to view your consumption. If you like to work with data API access is available automatically using your Bright App credentials (further information available). User setup, security, data and device management functions are in-built in so that you can focus on the application. Cloud delivered MQTT data is available on request, once you have the unit set up - send an email and we will set up MQTT. Local MQTT cannot be supported on this device.

    Bright app

    The Bright app is available here:



    USB Connector

    The USB connecter is used for power only, giving you flexible options for where you install the device. If your smart meter is not that close to your home, this flexibility can be useful to get the CAD as close as possible to the meter for picking up the signal. 

    Additional information:

    • For people who have a Trilliant Comms Hub we cannot currently join the unit to their meters - please contact us if you'd like to be told when this has been fixed by the DCC and Trilliant.
    • If you have meters that are enrolled into the DCC and don't want real-time information, we are also able to provide access to your consumption history, updated on a daily basis (half-hourly readings) with our Bright app.

    Plug optional

    If you need a USB plug, you can get one here.


    Please note that we cannot support re-sale of our products - the unit is associated uniquely to your meters.